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Lassen Peak Adds Industry-Leading Public Safety Expert, Brian Shockley, to Executive Team

Shockley adds significant experience introducing key technology advancements into Law Enforcement

January 6, 2022 — Bellevue, WA — Today, Lassen Peak announces that it has hired Brian Shockley as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Company. The appointment continues the company’s commitment to delivering technology-based solutions for the enhancement of public safety, namely providing law enforcement agencies with products that enable safer, more efficient procedures within policing.

Mr. Shockley has over 15 years of marketing and voice-of-customer leadership in the public safety space, much of it focused on the advancement of license plate recognition (LPR) technology at PIPS Technology (Neology) and Vigilant Solutions (Motorola Solutions). Brian’s leadership at both companies contributed to the rapid industry adoption of the technology, particularly in the United States; his strong attention to the voice of the customer helped to identify and define features and functions needed by public safety and also assisted in important conversations on privacy, data retention, legislation and policy.

Mr. Shockley adds, “It’s very exciting to be a part of such a great company with an even greater mission. With any new technology, there is a need to address some of the fundamental questions and concerns that come with the advent of transformational solutions; Lassen Peak understands this need and has committed to begin these efforts early in the product development process to include important perspectives from the many stakeholders in law enforcement and society.”

Hatch Graham, Co-founder and CEO of Lassen Peak, states, “I’m delighted to continue the build-up of an incredible team, and Brian’s history adds vital expertise to our mission of bringing game-changing technology to the public safety markets. Lassen Peak is committed to address important dynamics between law enforcement and society well in advance of the product — Brian’s leadership will set a strong foundation to accomplish this.”

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