The world’s very first fully-integrated handheld radar system for concealed weapon detection. A small, safe, and easy-to-use handheld device that will offer an alternative to the traditional, and dangerous, hands-on weapon pat-down.

The Solution to a Dangerous Problem

Lassen Peak’s first product will be focused on solving the problem of hands-on weapon pat-downs. These situations are among the most dangerous scenarios in law enforcement today, requiring an officer to get within arms-reach of an individual before they know if they have any dangerous weapons on them.

AirFrisk will allow this to take place at a safe conversational distance. The person being searched can simply be scanned for weapons, and if cleared of weapons, avoid the need for any touch or proximity to the officer. This is especially beneficial when dealing with persons of a different gender, mentally ill or touch-averse individuals, minors, and persons with illness.

Features & Benefits

Use Cases

The device may be used to replace the need for a physical search in multiple scenarios:

The Technology

Trusted Technology – The Lassen Peak solution uses similar core technology to that used in millimeter-wave scanning devices used in airports for the past decade. Lassen Peak’s breakthrough is the miniaturization of this tech for mobile applications. Due to the shallow penetration into the epidermis, the technology presents no health hazard or interference with implanted medical devices.

Safer Than a Cellphone – Almost everyone uses a mobile device – frequently and on a daily basis. The typical cell phone emits around 0.6 Watts (600 milliwatts) of energy on average and as high as 3 Watts (3000 milliwatts) of radiated energy. For comparison, Lassen Peak’s AirFrisk generates only 0.001 Watts (1 milliwatt) of radiated energy.

Non-Ionizing – Unlike X-Ray which can cause damage to tissues and DNA, Lassen Peak’s AirFrisk operates around 300 GHz frequency (similar to mobile phones and WiFi) and is considered non-ionizing energy. Non-ionizing energy is routinely used in many everyday applications.

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